My name is Homayoun Taheri 

I am a Persian Artist with expertise in Sculpture, Relief Art, Installation Art and Graphic Design.

Over the years I have innovated a new method in the field of Relief Art on metals.

In this unique technique I use highly delicate sheets of metals such as Copper, Brass and Aluminum and utilize simple tools to create relief work on these mediums.

I also use various other materials including Wood, Mirror, Ceramic, Animal Horn to create Art piece.

It is noteworthy that all my Art pieces are handmade as I aspire to create Artwork with practical function and this Relief Art can be custom designed  to complement surrounding styles. 

Envision a mirror surrounded by handmade relief Artwork that not only reflects the beautiful images in your room but also is itself a unique exquisite piece of Art. That is what I do.

For further information or to place your order, please refer to the Contact Page on this website. You can also reach me via email at: or via phone at: 001- 628 -202- 2137.